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Learn more about the programs that the I Can Foundation is involved in and contributing to communities around the world.

S/Y Wisdom

I CAN Foundation Wisdom at sea crew waving at camera

Our sailboat, Wisdom, takes young adults aging out of the foster care system on 80-day trips through the Caribbean. On their journey, they learn cooking, cleaning, financial responsibility, conflict management and other essential life skills. They will gain accredited PADI diving, IYT sailing and first aid certifications while participating in outreach and conservation projects. Along the way, the shipmates will engage in intercultural experiences and develop a global perspective. Through this adventure, we aim to inspire a future of infinite possibilities…

Robin's Tents

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Robin’s Tents are an event that happens every Saturday throughout the Caribbean. Through our 10×15 canopy tent we give over 200 kids a hot meal, play sports with them, and overall give them consistency in their lives, simply by being present every Saturday. Why do we give away a hot meal? This is literally the only hot meal these children will be having every week… Majority of these children live with a single parent, typically a mom, with up to 8 brothers and sisters in a single room house. Rarely would these homes have water or even access to a kitchen….

I Can Costa Rica

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What is I Can Costa Rica?  
Every Thursday we take over 100 under privileged kids and their guardians from Uvita to Ranchos Las Compayres. The children and their guardian arrive to a fresh Costa Rican meal, and then we split the kids into 3 groups. We rotate the kids between English lessons, football/ soccer lessons and swimming lessons. Why did we choose these three particular lessons? Majority of children do not know how to speak English in Costa Rica…

I Can Mentorship Program

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Through Robin’s tents we select youth to be involved in our mentorship program. Within the islands majority of children will grow up with a proper role model. None of us have a say in the environment or community we are born into. The situation that you grow up in and the people that you are surrounded by shape the future that awaits you. The Caribbean children that we target through our mentorship program are growing up in communities with extreme poverty…