I Can Foundation


The sea has a way of shaping us, revealing our truths and transforming our sense of possibility. Stepping aboard a ship is an experience of liberation from the norms and boundaries of life on land. To set sail is to begin a journey deeper into yourself alongside a crew of fellow voyageurs who share your desire for a world without limits.

Our Program

100 days aboard our sailboat Wisdom, Students cover 5,000 nautical miles circumnavigating the Caribbean. Our journey will have the students under sail for 27 days, bringing them to 17 destinations teaching our Students everything about Sailing, Navigation, Meteorology, Seamanship, Sea Survival and Scuba Diving.


Empower underrecognized youth with the ambition, confidence and knowhow to build any future they can possibly imagine.


Everything we do happens through our 100-foot sailing ship Wisdom. Our captain and crew teach our students how to navigate life by navigating the sea. The experience is centered around education, mentorship and cultural immersion.

What is the I CAN Foundation?

Our Partnerships

Every voyage is made possible by our network of passionate partners. From funding to time to supplies, there are many ways to become part of our program. Join us in giving underrepresented and promising young adults the transformative experience of a lifetime.

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