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About Robin’s Tents

What are Robin’s Tents

 Robin’s Tents are an event that happens every Saturday throughout the Caribbean. Through our 10×15 canopy tent we give over 200 kids a hot meal, play sports with them, and overall give them consistency in their lives, simply by being present every Saturday. Why do we give away a hot meal? This is literally the only hot meal these children will be having every week… Majority of these children live with a single parent, typically a mom, with up to 8 brothers and sisters in a single room house. Rarely would these homes have water or even access to a kitchen. Robin’s Tents are a miniature version of a community center, but with a modern twist on the concept. We create a safe environment for people to come together, interact with one another and have something to look forward to each week.
But we don’t stop here. Through our tents we have created a mentorship program. We hand select kids within communities and pair them with a local or overseas mentor.

“Robin’s Tents are a miniature version of a community center, but with a modern twist on the concept. We create a safe environment for people to come together, interact with one another and have something to look forward to each week…”

I Can Costa Rica

What is I can Costa Rica?

Every Thursday we take over 100 under privileged kids and their guardians from Uvita to Ranchos Las Compayres. The children and their guardian arrive to a fresh Costa Rican meal, and then we split the kids into 3 groups. We rotate the kids between English lessons, football/ soccer lessons and swimming lessons. Why did we choose these three particular lessons?

• Majority of children do not know how to speak English in Costa Rica, nor do they get the opportunity to learn. Our hope is that by teaching them English we are giving them a new skill that can help them create a better future and career for them in the future. Whether it be through the tourism industry in Costa Rica – where being bilingual is preferred – or potentially leaving Costa Rica to get a job in a new part of the world.
• Football/ soccer is the main sport in Costa Rica. The children take pride in knowing how to play their countries sport. Through this they gain confidence, engage in exercise and learn a new skill.
• Swimming: There is a high fatality rate of children drowning. Because Costa Rica is surrounded by water it is essential they know how to swim. Rarely do children get the opportunity to learn how to swim.
While the kids are in their lessons, guardians participate in sewing lessons.


Our mission is to empower youth, give them confidence, give them the tools and skills they need to create a better future than the one they may have been given. Through I Can Costa Rica we are giving over 100 kids all of these tools.

I Can Foundation kid giving camera a thumbs up
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I Can Mentorship Program

Through Robin’s tents we select youth to be involved in our mentorship program. Within the islands majority of children will grow up with a proper role model. None of us have a say in the environment or community we are born into. The situation that you grow up in and the people that you are surrounded by shape the future that awaits you. The Caribbean children that we target through our mentorship program are growing up in communities with extreme poverty, where they are exposed to violence, drugs and alcohol. Often their circumstances don’t allow them to excel in life. We believe every child has amazing potential, to achieve anything they set their mind to. The potential to graduate high school, go to college, get a great job, provide for themselves and families, realize their dreams etc. But what is holding them back is someone to support their potential, and that missing part is YOU, a mentor and role model.

Once a week the children meet with their mentor in a safe environment. Whether it’s a fun outing to go hiking or a beach day, each week we help give these kids an opportunity to grow a strong bond with a positive role model and someone to provide them support. The mentors check in with their matched child throughout the week as well, creating a consistent role model in their lives that they wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise. 
We want to get YOU involved. Become a mentor with us. Your commitment would be to be matched with one child, have a one-on-one Facetime call with them once a week and check in with them through the week via text message. If you want to donate to your matched child that is totally doable, but not necessary. Donations include but are not limited to: school supplies, food, clothes, send them to private school for one year etc. We simply want positive role models for these kids to look up to and be guided by.

What we really want is to open these children’s eyes to a world of possibilities. Fill out the application and let’s talk!

Why Are Robin’s Tents Important?

Robin’s Tents are essential in building a positive and safe community environment for youth to:
• Getting a hot meal (their only hot meal usually for the week)
• Interacting with other youth
• Having positive role models in their lives
• Giving them consistency in their lives, they look forward to our Saturdays and knowing we will be there.

Our overall goals in all of our programs is to open up underprivileged youth’s eyes to a whole new way of thinking. To give them the tools and skills to build a better future for themselves than the one that they are in. We achieve this through our tents.

I Can Foundation Kids on soccer field posing for picture
I Can Foundation kids with their hands up in Costa Rica