I CAN Foundation consists of 100 days on board a 100′ sailboat traveling 5000 miles in and around the Caribbean.

Designed for young adults are aging out of the foster care system, seven mentors will take 6 of these young people at a time on the adventure of a lifetime. Throughout this journey we will have the opportunity to connect with ourselves, each other and Mother Nature.
Experiences will include sailing, navigation, diving, cooking, hiking volcanoes, participating in island outreach programs, leadership, Astronomy and Planetary Science, Marine Biology, Oceanography, fishing, spearfishing, and more!
After each 100 day session, our crew of young adults will have developed a strong, confident personal base, and a sturdy foundation of resources. Each member will be immersed in opportunities suited to fit their newly found or already existing interests and passions. They can then look forward to possibilities such as Internships, Continuing Education, jobs, careers, and even the opportunity to stay on the boat as a mentor for the next session! The possibilities are endless!!! (Plus a lifetime of friendships.)
Today our boat is in Antigua where we landed on our maiden voyage. We have already started to immerse ourselves in their communities and have begun to build connections.  We are looking to find where the needs are and how we can help.
Over the extended life of this program, we will continuously be in search of resources as we transform. We are looking for sponsorship and donations as well as like-minded individuals who can serve as mentors who are interested in helping shape the future of those in need of a good support system as they move out into life. Many of these young adults have not had the most positive experiences as children and the opportunities we offer can make a decided difference in their future.
Our new website has just been launched and we are actively accepting donations.  Anything you want to give will be most welcome.  Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and “Like/Follow” so you can be a part of our journey as we evolve.

Tyler Durland